Edgemont residents, Greenburgh officials discuss potential solutions to ongoing flooding problem

Some Greenburgh residents fed up with flooding in their community met with local leaders Thursday to discuss solutions to the ongoing problem.
The source of the problem is where Troublesome Brook goes from being an open air body of water and is then funneled into pipes.
This is where the water backs up and floods homes every time it rains.
The most recent storm about two weeks ago caused flooding that destroyed a car and caused damage to nearby homes.
Residents in the Edgmont section of Greenburgh met with town leaders and demanded that something be done.
They came up with some short-term solutions, which include clearing drains and removing vegetation inside and around the brook regularly. But officials said what is really needed is a full engineering study of the pipes that run underground.
Residents are frustrated because they said the flooding is a problem that's slowly gotten worse over several decades.
The town said doing a study will help them tap into federal funding to hopefully resolve the ongoing flooding issue.