Demonstrators call for Diocese of Rockville Centre bishop to step down

There are new calls for the Diocese of Rockville Centre's bishop to step down.
Demonstrators stood outside Saint Agnes Cathedral Sunday after Bishop John Barres filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of portions of the state's Child Victims Act.

The law gives childhood victims of sexual abuse one year to file a civil lawsuit against their alleged abuser, no matter how long ago it happened.
"This man has had the audacity to insult victims by filing a frivolous lawsuit against the Child Victims Act, which we have been fighting almost 20 years to get passed," said Robert Hoatson, co-founder of Road to Recovery.
In a statement to News 12, a representative with the Diocese of Rockville Centre says it supports victims of sexual abuse and the Child Victims Act, but also supports citizen rights to civil procedure and the New York State Constitution.