County executive discusses military trip to help Ukraine and what's next for Orange County

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus is speaking with News 12 about his military trip to help Ukraine and what's next now that he's back in the Hudson Valley.
Neuhaus is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and just returned this week after a two-month tour of duty in several NATO countries.
Neuhaus helped in the U.S. humanitarian effort and joined 100,000 American troops deployed overseas to ensure no further Russian aggression on bordering countries.
Now that he's back, Neuhaus says first priority is preparing for the State of the County address in two weeks.
"It's great to be back," said Neuhaus. "I loved to be there with the service members from all over the country, including here in the Hudson Valley, but I did miss my family and I did miss getting back to work here. I'm jumping right into it."
Neuhaus' military trip overseas was his fourth tour of duty.