Connecticut’s AG Tong lends voice to fight against Asian American hate

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong addressed the issue of hate against the Asian American community on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.
He was joined by top legal experts, leading advocates and business and corporate leaders.
"How does it feel to wake up in the morning, walk outside and feel like you're being hunted?" said Tong. "What did you think was going to happen when people blamed Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for the pandemic? Called it the 'China virus' or the 'kung flu.'"
There were more homicides that were hate-related in 2019 than any other year, and the hate against Asian Americans is continuing. The latest incident occurred in New York City on Sunday night when police say two Asian women were attacked by a woman with a hammer.
In another act of suspected hate from the weekend in New York, a man from India was attacked with a hammer at a Brooklyn hotel. It came after the attacker allegedly said he didn't like the man because of the color of his skin and then spit on him.
National leaders say education and awareness is needed to combat hate. Tong says it's important to address hate before these acts keep happening.