Community provides Bronx girls with day of fun

A Bronx lifestyle site is partnering with local businesses to spread holiday cheer to dozens of girl from around the borough.
The website Bronxmama lead efforts to give girls a great day, starting with a gift -- a doll named Harper coming straight from the New York Doll Collection.
The program supplied about 40 underprivileged girls with their very own Harper dolls, and that wasn't all. They received complimentary manicures from Pink Princess Nails, lunch from nearby caterer Morris Perk and a chance to take part in some arts and crafts.
Some children who participated in the day of fun say that their Christmas wishes were already fulfilled Sunday, to the delight of those that made the day happen.
"I think it's great everyone looks really happy," says organizer Nicole Perrino. "I love that the girls are getting their nails done, they're playing with their new doll and just having a really great time."