9 tips to help you stay safe during National Electrical Safety Month

May is National Electrical Safety Month. 
PSEG Long Island is reminding electrical customers to take simple, free precautions to stay safe around their homes and neighborhoods.
From cord placement to how to behave near downed wires, these precautions from PSEG Long Island can save lives:
1. Do not handle electric appliances with wet or damp hands, and never use electric appliances in wet or damp conditions, unless the appliances are specifically rated for that use.
2. If there are small children or pets around, make sure unused wall outlets have safety coverings. All outlets within reach should be protected with plastic closures that fit snugly and cannot be removed easily.
3. Inspect all appliances and extension cords regularly to ensure that they are in good condition. Cords should not be frayed or damaged. Ensure that cords do not run under rugs or have furniture resting on them.
4. Never pour water on an electrical fire, as water acts as a conductor and can cause shock. A fire extinguisher rated “Class C” should be used for electrical fires.
5. Install smoke detectors on the ceiling away from air vents and near bedrooms. Test smoke detectors every few months to ensure they’re working, and change the batteries every spring and fall when the clocks change.
6. Unplug small appliances (hair dryers, mixers, toasters, etc.) when not in use. Unattended, connected appliances create an unnecessary electrical risk.
7. Never touch a downed wire or go near one. Always assume the power line is live, and call your electric company to report downed wires.
8. Learn where wiring is located behind walls before installing wall hangers or performing remodeling, and shut off circuit breakers before beginning work.
9. Never run extension cords or wiring under carpets and rugs, and use properly rated extension cords for the devices being used.
For more information about how to use electricity safely at home, click here.