19-year Suffolk PD veteran helps save 3 lives in 2 weeks

A 19-year veteran of the Suffolk County Police Department who was named Officer of the Year in 2010 has helped save three lives in the past two weeks. Officer James Garside put his training to work last night while responding to a call for help at a Huntington home. A 46-year-old woman was not breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Garside put her on a cardiac monitor and used a defibrillator to shock her heart. One week earlier, Garside helped in using the same advanced life support techniques on a Suffolk County Parks Department worker who collapsed and went into cardiac arrest in Huntington. Back on Jan. 19, an off-duty Garside helped revive a man who overdosed on drugs in an Applebee's parking lot in Brentwood. Garside made a point in noting that he had help from fellow officers, fire officials and EMS workers in all of the cases. He's not a hero, he says, just a police officer with the right training and equipment. 3 officers credited with saving man's life in Brentwood