RONKONKOMA - A Ronkonkoma mother is filing a federal complaint against her employer, UPS, alleging discriminatory treatment by the company following the recent birth of her child.

Julie Desantis-Mayer gave birth to baby Madison six weeks ago, but alleges that UPS forced her to do heavy lifting during her pregnancy as part of her job, despite doctors recommending against it.

Desantis-Mayer says she saw other workers receive temporary light duty assignments, but the company refused to reassign her, forcing her to take unpaid leave, costing her $60,000 in wages.

Because of the alleged discrimination, Desantis-Mayer filed a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

UPS says it stands by its policies and that the company was recently hit with a similar federal complaint from a pregnant employee in Maryland and the court ruled in UPS's favor.