William Floyd senior protesting remote learning suspended for 5 days

A senior at William Floyd High School was suspended for five days for showing up to school on his remote-learning day Tuesday – and returned again Wednesday.
"They refused to let me into the building and they locked the doors and they had their security physically stop me from entering," said Maverick Stow.
Stow says school officials called the police, which gave him a criminal trespassing warning. If he shows up again, Stow says he faces being arrested for trespassing. He plans to show up again.
"I would like the school to be open five days a week and I would like them to uphold their end of the bargain," says Stow.
The student told News 12 that he feels strongly that school is an “integral” part of growing up and that “education is important.”
He says his protest is also about students who are missing out on after-school clubs and sports teams that cannot play due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Stow says he is consulting an attorney in regards to his suspension.
The district released a statement to News 12 which says in part:
"Our district agrees with Maverick’s position that school should be held in person five days per week. However, we must follow the social distancing requirements set forth by the state; and, when it is deemed safe to do so by our government and health officials, we will gladly welcome all of our 8,800 students back."
The full statement is below: