Wasps and yellow jackets buzzing away outdoor diners across Long Island

Outdoor dining has been a lifesaver for many restaurants across Long Island, but now wasps and yellow jackets are buzzing away business.
Restaurant workers in Huntington want yellow jackets gone, saying it's making the customers uneasy.
"It's been crazy," says Brittany Salese, of Eatalia Restaurant. "People are skeptical to eat inside, they feel safer outside. But now with these bees, it's been crazy."
HATCH restaurant chef Adam Streeter says they have the outdoor seating and they get the streets closed on the weekends -but now the bees are slowing everything down.
Outdoor diners say it's terrible having the bees all over food and constantly buzzing around.
Don Peterson, a beekeeper from Restoration Farm in Bethpage, says it's not the bees' fault. He says yellow jackets are beneficial but can be aggressive this time of year because of the decline in their food supply.
Staff at HATCH on Main Street are using dryer sheets to wipe down tables and say it's helped.
"So that's our little secret right now, and it's working pretty well," says Streeter.
Peterson says once the temps drop below 50, the yellow jackets should not be a problem.