Victim of alleged attack shares story after outpour of outrage over arrest of assaulters

The victim of an alleged violent attack is sharing his story for the first time after an outpour of outrage over the arrest of his alleged assaulters.
Edil Acosta was attacked last month in Roosevelt. Three teens were arrested and charged in connection with the incident.
Two of the teens' parents and their lawyer say the boys were profiled and falsely accused, but Acosta says that's not the case.
In an exclusive interview with News 12, Acosta asked for his face not to be shown on camera. He says he was punched and beaten up by five teenagers on Jan. 21 on Grant Street in Roosevelt. He got a black eye, scrapes to his hand and an injured knee.
Acosta says the attack happened in the middle of the day, in his own neighborhood. He says when the five boys started beating him, he was not only scared for his life, but for his family's lives as well.
He says he was able to run away and call police. Acosta says a short time later, Nassau police were questioning three boys who fit the description he gave them. Acosta was asked to positively identify the boys who beat him.
Earlier this week, News 12 spoke with the parents of two of the boys, David and Mondy Tillery, as well as their attorney Fred Brewington. They maintain that they boys were profiled, falsely accused and physically and emotionally abused by Nassau police.
News 12's Antoinette Biordi asked Acosta if he saw the officers physically abusing the boys when they were handcuffed by police. He said no and that the boys were "relaxed on the floor" not in pain.
The teens were arrested and charged with assaulting Acosta. One of the teens was also charged with resisting arrest.
Nassau police say they exercised restraint and professionalism during the arrest. But the Tillerys say their sons are not criminals and were beaten by officiers.
Acosta says he is a hard-working restaurant cook, husband and father of two. He says he is an immigrant who is just trying to make ends meet and cannot understand why teenagers would want to beat him up.
The Tillerys and Brewington have filed a notice of claim and have announced they intend to sue the Nassau Police Department.