WESTBURY - With fall upon us, it’s a great time to go pumpkin picking. But Halloween isn’t complete without a Jack ‘o lantern. News 12’s Elisa DiStefano and Elizabeth Hashagen teamed up with Hicks Nurseries to learn how to carve the perfect pumpkin.

According to Laurette Kovary, of Hicks, there are three tips you should follow to make carving easy. First, she says, you should pick a pumpkin the size of a dinner plate. Two, she says, you need to gut the pumpkin from the bottom. Third, she says, you should tape a stencil onto the pumpkin and draw an outline of what you want. Lastly, you can carve it up according to your design.

Kovary adds that an easy way to gut the pumpkin is to use a tuna can.

And if you want to make your Jack ‘o lantern last longer than two weeks, Kovary suggests keeping it in a cool place.

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