BAYVILLE - Last year, Hurricane Sandy took away Halloween for many on Long Island and even damaged some haunted houses, but the Bayville Scream Park employees worked all year to get it back up and ready to spook for this Halloween!

News 12’s Elisa DiStefano and Elizabeth Hashagen teamed up to check out the latest scares at the park.

According to employee Anne Finley, the park, which is across from the bay, was damaged in the storm.

“We had a lot of water, everything had to be replaced. It's taken a lot of work, the whole year, we started right away and just made everything more beautiful,” says Finley.

The park is set up like a Halloween town, with five haunted attractions, including Zombie Pirates, the Fun House of Fear and perhaps the most scream-inducing, Bloodworth Manor. This year, the park features more actors with new costumes.

This year, the Bayville Fire Department’s Haunted House will not open, due to Sandy damage. But for more information on the Bayville Scream Park and other haunted houses on the Island, click on the links on the left or head to our Travel section.