Town of Huntington stops payment plan for unpaid tickets

The Town of Huntington is putting the brakes on a plan that helped drivers pay for parking tickets.
Those who have used Huntington's payment plan for unpaid tickets in the past will no longer be able to -- the town is getting rid of it and requiring full payments.
The new plan would mostly affect people with cars that are immobilized. Normally, drivers could use a payment plan to help pay it off, but Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci says people weren't paying the fees, which can run up to $250.
The town was owed $1.8 million last year.
"We don't immobilize that often, and again it hasn't been used in the two years that I've been in office, but it lingers out there. Just a way to make sure that people do respect the process," says Lupinacci. "They don't abandon their vehicles and that if they get tickets, whether they plead guilty or not guilty, but they pay them on time and in an orderly fashion."
This new payment plan goes into effect immediately.