Three Village School district files suit against Juul

The Three Village School district has filed a lawsuit against the electronic cigarette maker Juul as New York becomes the latest state to report a death linked to vaping.
Sen. Charles Schumer says the worst thing about vaping is that companies are aiming their product at students even younger than high schoolers. Schumer is calling for a federal ban of all flavored vaping products except menthol. He's also asking all national health agencies to institute an education and awareness campaign so students know about the dangers of vaping.
Several states including New York, Rhode Island and Michigan have banned most flavored e-cigarettes. Massachusetts banned all vaping products for four months and other states like Illinois, New Jersey and Delaware are considering similar legislation.
In a letter to parents, the superintendent of the Three Village Central School District and the board explain the decision to sue Juul. The letter states, "As educators, it is our duty to protect the health and safety of our students, and we believe this company is compromising those efforts while simultaneously disrupting the educational process by marketing to teens."
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now started releasing weekly updates on the number of people who have become sick from vaping.
The number of deaths related to vaping is now 18.