SUNY New Paltz closed due to unsafe water

Long Island students attending SUNY New Paltz are back home after the entire town is dealing with possibly contaminated drinking water.
School officials canceled classes through at least Saturday and are mandating all residents to leave and remain off campus until Sunday.
The decision comes after multiple reports of the water having a foul smell and being possibly dangerous to consume. Until tests reveal what exactly is in the water, village officials have instructed people not to drink or cook with tap water or make ice.
School officials say they will provide safe drinking water and limited food services at their dining hall for the students who must remain on campus. In a memo, the school said it couldn't prepare food for all resident students.
People who live in New Paltz have been getting their drinking water from a tanker at Village Hall and other fill-up locations around the community.

Village officials say they started getting numerous reports Monday that the tap water smelled and tasted like gasoline. That’s when they took the precautionary step to advise the public not to drink the water.

Tests are currently being conducted on water samples to find the source of the odor. Students are unsure when things will return to normal.
News 12 was told that international students will be allowed to remain on campus.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced the likely cause of the contamination is a compromised underground fuel line.

There is no word yet on when the results from water samples that are being tested will be back.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that preliminary results from the village's water tanks show no detectable levels of petroleum compounds.

Additional water samples are expected to be tested Thursday. There is no word yet on when the water advisory will be lifted.