Suffolk police warn public of dangers of ‘In My Feelings Challenge’

Suffolk police are warning residents about the viral dance challenge to Drake’s hit “In My Feelings.”
The “In My Feelings” challenge involves people getting out of moving cars and dancing along to the track.
Suffolk Police Chief Stuart Cameron cautioned anyone who's thinking about doing the challenge themselves.
“You can easily get caught in the seat belt and get dragged, dragged under the wheels of the car, you could fall down and suffer a head injury,” he said.
Officials say not only is the challenge dangerous, but it's also against the law. In fact, Chief Cameron is warning participants that they could face criminal charges.
“If you jump out of a car and leave it operating on its own, you could be charged with a much more serious penal law offense such as a reckless assault,” said Chief Cameron.
The creator of the dance has said that it was never meant to be performed outside of a moving car.