WOODBURY - Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone announced today that hundreds more families are now eligible for child care subsidies.

Bellone says that the increase in child care benefits is possible because the county has secured $1 million in state funding. The funding, he says, will help 600 additional children in the county attend child care while their parents are out earning a living.

Bellone says he wants funding to continue to increase so that more working families can get the assistance and support they need to help their families and the economy.

Parents like Tia Scott, of Medford, are welcoming the announcement. Scott told News 12 Long Island that she was having a hard time making ends meet as a single mother of two kids. Scott says she knew she could be making more than the $8 she was taking home, but risked not being eligible for subsidized child care if she made more. Now, she says she will be able to get a better job and do more for her children.

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