WOODBURY - Three Suffolk County incumbents are running unopposed this November.

Democratic District Attorney Tom Spota, Republican Treasurer Angie Carpenter and Conservative County Sheriff Vince DeMarco are all running with the cross-endorsements of the other major parties. All three are popular with voters and considered hard to beat.

Suffolk County Republican Chairman John Jay LaValle says his party is endorsing Spota and DeMarco due to their track records.

“They’ve done a great job in public office, and that’s what you have to look at,” says LaValle.

The endorsements also save the parties money by eliminating the costs of campaigning in races that aren’t likely to be won.

This is the third time Spota has run with cross-endorsements. It is the second for both Carpenter and DeMarco.

Not everyone supports the breadth of unopposed races on Long Island, like political consultant Mike Dawidziak, who says they’re bad for democracy.

“If you walk into the voting booth and there's only one name, that by definition isn't really an election,” says Dawidziak.

Former prosecutor and private attorney Ray Perini has filed petitions to seek the Republican nomination for district attorney. He is promising a primary against Spota.