State senators push for EPA probe into chemicals found at Northport Middle School

There is a new push to get federal investigators to look into the hazardous chemicals found around Northport Middle School.
The middle school has been plagued by complaints of nausea-inducing foul odors.
An environmental firm recently found elevated levels of benzene and mercury in cesspools and septic systems near the school.
In a letter, State Sen. Charles Schumer urges the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate and address the issue. State Sen. Jim Gaughran supports the move.
"I think if we can get the EPA to step in and help us particularly with their expertise and additional funding, I think that would be fantastic," Gaughran says.
In January, Northport Middle School was closed for the remainder of the year.
Gaughran has been seeking state funding to assist the school district with the emergency relocation of students from the middle school.