SPCA: Crews remove 12 cats from Valley Stream home stained with feces, urine, mold

Hazmat crews were called to a Valley Stream home, where they removed nearly a dozen animals living in deplorable conditions.
Animal control crews and hazmat teams removed 12 cats, one of which was dead, from the home on Trafalgar Square Wednesday.
The Nassau SPCA says they were notified about the cats after a woman in her mid-50s was removed and taken to the hospital Tuesday.
"We were notified about all these cats in here because of the lack of light yesterday afternoon," says Gary Rogers, of the Nassau County SPCA. "We executed a search warrant with the district attorney office this morning."
Rogers says there are more cats in the house, along with other disturbing findings.
"The house was hard. Just in the bathroom alone, there was 2 feet of human feces," says Rogers.
Rogers says they found moldy furniture and papers soaked with cat urine. In the garage, video shows trash piled up to the ceiling. The home also did not have any water or electricity.
"There's going to be traps set and we'll continue to do work until we get all the cats out," says Rogers.
One neighbor says he's shocked and that the woman was very friendly.
"The house was kept a wreck ... glad I didn't live next door to her," says Ira Silverstein.
Earlier in the day, the Town of Hempstead Animal Control was at the scene along with the Nassau County fire marshal to provide them with hazmat suits and to make sure the home's structure was safe to walk into.