Sayville woman drops 270 lbs. thanks to determination and 'lifesaving' trainer

Christine Maggio said she hit rock bottom when she reached 450 lbs. But with her life on the line, the Sayville native changed her future with some help from a new friend.
Maggio was desperate for help as she approached 50 years old. Help came from Justin Miller, a trainer at Bev Francis Gym in Syosset, who wanted to save her life.
"I said I'm going to help you lose 200 pounds. She looked at me like I was crazy," says Miller.
So for the last three years, three times a week, Maggio has been working out with Miller. She also kept a log of the food she was eating.
She was too intimidated to work out in a gym, so instead she walked a hill. But slowly, Maggio made her way into the gym and found a group of new friends.
In just over three years, she lost 270 pounds, the exact amount of weight she's trying to lift now for the first time.
"I cry, it's hard to see myself like that (in old pictures) ... Why did I wait so long to take care of myself?" says Maggio.
The weight loss has given her a brand-new feeling of confidence that Miller notices.
"Before she does the set, she looks in the mirror (laughs) she cant get enough of herself!'' says Miller.
"I tell him all the time, he saved my life, without him I honestly don't know if I would be here," says Maggio.