Roosevelt parents to sue Nassau police on allegations of police brutality, 'kidnapping' their sons

The Nassau County Police Department is set to be served with a police brutality lawsuit by the parents of two teens who claim their children were beaten by police and held for hours without them being notified.
David and Mondy Tillery, of Roosevelt, say their sons are not criminals. On Monday, alongside attorney Fred Brewington and community leaders, they announced intentions to sue the police department. They say earlier this month, their teenage sons were profiled, falsely accused and physically and emotionally abused by police officers.
"My boys are not criminals. They are respectful, community-minded, church-going Boy Scouts, who were on their way home from a friend's house when they were made into victims by Nassau County police," says David Tillery.
Brewington says it happened Jan. 21 in the middle of the day. He says the boys and a friend were riding their bikes home from another friend's house when they were stopped by police, beaten and held by police without even being able to call their parents.
"This young boy was beat, slammed on a car, slammed on the ground, abused, cursed at, mocked and then psychologically tortured for four or five hours," says Brewington.
Mondy Tillery says police "kidnapped" her sons and had her "looking in dumpsters for my boys."
Nassau police have denied any wrongdoing, and say the Tillery children are not innocent boys. Commissioner Patrick Ryder says the two boys and their friend were arrested for assaulting a 32-year-old man, and one was also charged with resisting arrest. Ryder added, "The investigation has revealed that police officers acted within the scope of the law and exercised restraint and professionalism at the time of arrest." But the Tillerys and their attorney say that is a lie.
Brewington and the Tillerys say they want three things to happen now: The immediate dismissal of charges against the teens, a complete and thorough investigation by internal affairs and the resignation or firing of the officers involved.