Riders with disabilities take part in Hampton Classic series

Horse show riders from around the world have worked hard to get to the Hampton Classic, but there are some other riders who have overcome different obstacles to compete.
The Long Island Horse Show Series for Riders with Disabilities is holding its finals Monday. Riders with different levels of disabilities are competing in several different divisions.
Bruce Fint, from Brentwood, says he couldn't be more proud of his son. He says Bruce Jr. has multiple disabilities that limit his speech and movement. They discovered the adaptive riding program with HorseAbility and things changed.
One thing the parents of the young people say is even with disabilities, much of those hindrances melt away when their kids work with the horses.
"You can see it in a lot of them -- the confidence, the smiles -- when they're up there, how excited they are when they get a ribbon. They're all having a good time. They really are. It's a lot of fun to watch it," said Bruce Fint.
The Hampton Classic goes through Sunday.
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