SHIRLEY - Authorities say a gun-wielding man was fatally shot at his Shirley home by Suffolk County police officers last night after he opened fire on them.

Officers responded to the home on Carleton Drive East at around 10:30 p.m. Neighbors called 911 after they heard the man firing shots in the backyard and yelling something about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, police say. It's unclear why the man was yelling Bloomberg's name.

Police say the man, who was wearing a ballistic vest and helmet, fired a shotgun and rifle at them. The officers returned fire, striking and killing him.

Investigators say they know the man's identity, but they have been unable to locate his next of kin, so they are not releasing his name.

Police say they have never been called to the man's home before, and add that he lived alone. He did not have a criminal record.