NICE Bus riders grapple with service cuts

Commuters in Nassau are now feeling the impact of deep service cuts on the NICE Bus system.
The cuts that will affect thousands of riders took effect today. As News 12 has reported, 10 bus routes in Nassau County were eliminated, including the N36, N45, N47, N51 and N78/79 routes. Service has also been reduced on four other routes.
The cuts aim to deal with a nearly $7 million drop in funding from the county.
Legislator Laura Curran, who is running for the Democratic nomination for county executive, says money to save the routes could come from a sales-tax surplus, but says the current administration has not made busing a priority.
But County Executive Ed Mangano's office says the county's fiscal watchdog agency, NIFA, would not agree to such a plan until the money actually comes in.
In the meantime, people who previously relied on the scrapped routes say they’re spending a lot more time on their feet.