NEW YORK - (AP) - Hundreds of protesters are marching outsideZuccotti Park carrying copies of a court order they say gives themthe right to return there.They're chanting "Whose park? Our park."

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are circling the park becausemetal barricades are keeping them from entering it. Two officers pushed through the barricades with a protester inhandcuffs and loaded him into a police van.

A state court judge is hearing arguments on the legality of the surprise eviction.

Meanwhile, hundreds of police in riot gear watched the Zuccottiactivities. The encampment was evacuated overnight at the request of parkowner, Brookfield Properties.

The city had said the occupiers would be allowed back in afterit was cleaned - but under stricter rules.

Protesters won't be allowed to set up tents, sleeping bags andtarps.

To watch Mayor Michael Bloomberg's press conference on the overnight sweep at Zuccotti Park and Chopper 12 footage of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, tune to iO channel 612.