SAINT JAMES - Rep. Lee Zeldin announced legislation Thursday to help veterans who need special assistance in their day-to-day lives.

Vietnam veteran James Saladino, of Saint James, is battling Parkinson's disease and spends his days at the Long Island State Veterans Home.

The costly day care program is not covered by Saladino's veteran benefits, so his family has to pay out of pocket.

Zeldin says he introduced HR 2460 to make adult day health care a reimbursable expense under the VA.

Noreen Saladino says her husband's quality of life has improved since attending the day care, and getting reimbursed would help financially.

"He was getting depressed. He was home, he couldn't do things. Here he gets his therapy and he can do things, he feels he is contributing," she says.

The House Veterans Committee will be holding a hearing on the bill on April 20.