NEW YORK - First responders, survivors and lawmakers rallied just steps away from Ground Zero Saturday to celebrate the extension of the Zadroga Act.

Congress voted Friday to extend the measure, which provides Sept. 11 survivors with more than $3 billion for health care and more than $4 billion in victim compensation.

"9/11 survivors can rest knowing they have permanent health care. My god what a beautiful, beautiful world," says John Feal, of the Feal Good Foundation.

Many first responders like FDNY firefighter Jake Lamonda, from New Hyde Park, are dealing with a host of health problems due to the exposure of toxic dust at Ground Zero.

"We would never stop until we accomplished our goal and our goal was to get permanent funding," says Lamonda.

The program for Sept. 11 first responders was extended until 2090, essentially providing them with permanent health care.

The Zadroga Act was in the process of shutting down after Congress missed a Sept. 30 deadline.