WOODBURY - Officials say tens of thousands of sick first responders and survivors of 9/11 are in jeopardy of losing help if the Zadroga Act is not passed before the deadline tonight.

Advocate John Feal is urging Congress to pass a permanent extension of critical health funding for 9/11 survivors and first responders.

Since the attacks, 1,700 people have died from 9/11-related illnesses and 33,000 more suffer from them right now.

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand spoke on the Senate floor yesterday in support of making 9/11 Health and Compensation Programs, including the Zadroga Act, permanent.

Gillibrand said, "More police officers have died since 9/11 from 9/11-related disease than died on 9/11 itself."

Since the 14th anniversary of the attacks, six more first responders died from 9/11-related illnesses.

If more funding is not approved, sick first responders will begin to see less and less money.

Feal says there is reserve funding so the money won't all of a sudden run out, but it will begin to expire.