RIVERHEAD - State troopers say they arrested a reckless driver that is part of a pack of renegade bikers who post their escapades on YouTube.  

State Police say Kenny Martinez, of Shirley, was a wanted man for eight months for eluding police and reckless driving. 

Trooper Fabio Daino says that Martinez filmed the incidents from a GoPro camera attached to his helmet. 

Daino says that the first incident happened back on Dec. 13 where Martinez filmed himself and four other on ATV’s driving on illegally on private property near Brookhaven State Park. 

Police say Martinez continued to film subsequent incidents in the following weeks and months and post them to YouTube. 

The videos helped authorities track down Martinez at his job in Shirley where they arrested him. 

Martinez faces several charges, including unlawful fleeing of police, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.

State police ask that if anyone has any information or has witnessed any of the incidents with police to call Troop L at 631-756-3300.