EAST ISLIP - An out-of-control car struck and killed a young mother and her dog in East Islip Tuesday morning, right in front of her home.

Police say the vehicle struck Skye Brunetti, 25, on Union Boulevard around 9 a.m., just after friends say she'd put her 5-year-old son on his school bus.

Investigators identified the driver as 50-year-old Barbara Cottone, also of East Islip. She was taken to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore with minor injuries, police say.

Tom Lindner says he helped raise Brunetti and witnessed the crash.

"She was walking up to the house, and all the sudden this car just came barreling up," Lindner says. "There was such a massive bang that the houses shook."

He says he ran screaming to the car that struck Brunetti, but the female driver appeared stunned.

"She just looked at me with a blank face," Lindner says. "I had to walk away."

Nicole Carroll, a friend of Brunetti's, says the victim's family and boyfriend are heartbroken.