BELLPORT - A young cancer survivor from Bellport is paying it forward to spread happiness and hope to other children on Long Island who are battling cancer.

Johnathon Cahill, who turned 4 last month, has been cancer-free for almost two years after battling stage 4 liver cancer that spread to his lung. His mother, Amy, says their family received a lot of support while he was undergoing treatment and one gift really touched her son. Amy Cahill says Johnathon's "Chemo Angel" sent him a movie basket, complete with children's movies, popcorn and candy.

Because he loved it so much, Johnathon and his family are now making movie baskets for children at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital and other Long Island hospitals. The Cahills just started collecting items for the baskets and are hoping to get donations for their project.

"Our hope is to let the families know that we care and we know what they're going through and let them enjoy one day where they don't have to worry about it," says Johnathon's sister, Sarah.