LAKE GROVE - A special garage sale was held in Lake Grove Sunday to help children battling serious illnesses.

Toys, clothes and trinkets were some of the hundreds of items being sold at Nikolina's Attic.

The sale was organized by 8-year-old Nikolina Johannessen, a cancer survivor. She will be off treatment for three years in February.

Her mom, Kristen, says it was also three years ago when Nikolina came up with the idea to help other kids with cancer.

"I was playing with my toys, and then I decided because I remember when I was really sick and didn't have that many toys, that I should give my toys to other kids so they can have stuff to play with," says Nikolina.

Her mom explained that because the children's immune systems were compromised, they couldn’t have used toys. Instead, Nikolina bagged her toys and sold them to help the sick children.

With Nikolina's toys and other donations, Nikolina's Attic has turned into a huge success, and it is now in its third year.

Lake Grove officials donated space for the event at Village Hall.