WOODBURY - The XBox One and the Sony Playstation 4 share this year’s number 1 spot on The Download: Hot for the Holidays list.

The XBox One is more than just next-generation games. It’s almost an everything-in-one entertainment box. The console’s Kinect camera enables voice commands and full body interaction with certain games.

“It brings your games, music, movies, TV shows, your sports all together in one system,” says XBox’s David Hufford.

Some say the Sony Playstation 4 is for more hardcore gamers. The system stands toe to toe with the XBox One in some features and capabilities. The console’s camera is optional, allowing it to be sold with a smaller price tag than the XBox One. It has the capabilities of an entertainment center as well – it plays movies and has social media integration.

“With the share button, they have easy ways to share screenshots via Twitter, share videos via Facebook and show live game footage through Ustream and Twitch TV,” says Jack Tretton, of Sony Entertainment.

The XBox One is priced at $500. The Playstation 4 is slightly less expensive at $400.