WYANDANCH - A group of Long Island activists gathered in Wyandanch today to call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Several dozen demonstrators took part in today's rally, urging authorities to halt deportations that break up families.

Advocates for reform say there could be a window of opportunity for changes on the horizon, because the issue is getting some bipartisan support.

In a speech last week, President Barack Obama ramped up his message on immigration reform, saying that the time to address the issue is now. There is also a reform bill sponsored by Democrat Nancy Pelosi that is currently stalled in the House.

March organizer Charlene Obenauer says she and other advocates are hoping to build political momentum that will get Pelosi's measure passed.

But if an overhaul is to happen this year, Congress will have to hurry. The House has just 19 days left before the end of the 2013 session.