NESCONSET - Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last week, a worried Nesconset father had been waiting for a call from his daughter who was stationed at the Misawa Air Base, and finally, the call came.

Bob Pospischil spent days glued to the images on TV, anxious for a phone call, an e-mail or a text from his 29-year-old-daughter, Alexis, a lieutenant junior grade in the Navy.

Pospischil, a former Marine fighter pilot, says his daughter has excellent training and he had high confidence in her, but the fact that she was near Sendai, the city at the epicenter of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake, was a cause for concern.

Soon after, Pospischil finally got hold of his daughter, who said in a brief conversation that she was OK, but cut off from the outside world and freezing.

In an e-mail, Alexis Pospischil, a disaster-preparedness officer, told her dad she's in charge of caring for 40 American school teachers from Sendai who were relocated to her air base.

Tonight News 12 Long Island managed to get in touch with Alexis by phone. She says that she now has heat, electricity and plenty of food and water at the military base. She also says radiation is not an issue at her location.