WOODBURY - After nearly a decade since the United States launched a war on terror and began searching for Osama bin Laden, the manhunt came to an end in Pakistan yesterday.

According to President Barack Obama, U.S. forces got a lead in August that bin Laden was in an area just 60 miles north of Pakistan's capital city. He says that's where bin Laden was found in a million-dollar mansion believed to be built for the sole purpose of protecting him.

Officials say American forces began tracking one of bin Laden's trusted couriers, who helped lead them right to his hideout. On Friday, Obama gave the order and Navy SEALs moved in Sunday. They say bin Laden put up a fight before being shot in the head.

U.S. officials say bin Laden's body has been buried at sea in accordance to Islamic tradition. They say that decision was made after concluding it would have been hard to find a country that would accept the remains.