WOODMERE - A father says his special-needs daughter is not getting the transportation she needs from her school district.

Eric Fientuch says the Lawrence School District is refusing to accommodate their bus schedule for his daughter Evienne, who has special needs, to get her home in time for speech and physical therapy sessions.

"They're picking up my daughter and driving to another school and waiting for another half-hour until they let out their wheelchair people," he says. "All the therapies that my daughter gets are thrown in disarray. Instead of coming home at a reasonable time, which is to be expected, she's spending another hour out there so she's almost two hours to come home every day."

Evienne, 6, is part of a set of triplets. She was born with lung issues and, as a result, needs a ventilator and wheelchair.

Feintuch is concerned that his daughter is missing the speech therapy classes she needs for her recovery and development.

He says he has made phone calls and written emails to the district's transportation director about Evienne's busing needs, but has not received a response.

Feintuch says the school district is breaking state law by failing to accommodate their bus schedule for his daughter to get proper service.

"I just want the school district to know this is a child that needs special help," Feintuch says. "They have an obligation under the law to give her that help."

A spokesperson for the Lawrence School District told News 12 they cannot comment on the case because of confidentiality issues.