WOODMERE - Business owners and customers who shop in Woodmere say a parking problem is leading to some pricey parking tickets.

The Town of Hempstead has issued $135 tickets for those who park longer than the 90-minute limit.

Many businesses say the new enforcement is discouraging their customers from spending money in the area.

"You're just going to turn the town into a ghost town - it's halfway there already. It's absurd. Something needs to be done,” says business owner Ken Fine.

Adding to the anger is confusion over the signs. At one parking lot in the area, there were two entrances, but only one sign that explains the parking rules.

Town of Hempstead spokesperson Mike Deery says there are spots in nearby parking lots that allow parking for longer periods.

Deery also says they are open to taking another look at the parking situation in the town lots. He says the parking restrictions have been in place since 1974.