NORTH VALLEY STREAM - A North Valley Stream woman says that when she walked into her kitchen Friday morning, she was shocked to see one of three burglars who allegedly ransacked her home.

From the minute she pulled up to her driveway, Taina Battist-Pedro says she suspected something was wrong. First she noticed an unfamiliar blue-green minivan parked out front, then she saw that her lawn light was on.

"He stood here right by my stove," she says. "He saw me, I saw him."

Police say they believe that the three men tried a number of different access points into the home before gaining access through an unlocked window. They add that the armed suspects got away in a blue-green minivan out front.

The family says the burglars got away with jewelry and a Samsung tablet. They say they're going to install an alarm system.

No arrests have been made.