EAST NORTHPORT - An East Northport woman will spend up to seven years in prison for a charity scam involving a boy with cerebral palsy.

Maureen Myles offered to raise money to purchase a van with a wheelchair lift for Pamela Capotosto's son Christopher.

Myles hosted a fundraiser at a Northport restaurant and encouraged others through Capotosto's church to donate around $39,000. In the end, there was no van and very little to no help.

The Suffolk district attorney investigated, and Myles was found guilty this summer for taking the money and spending it on Florida vacations, meals and trips to wineries.

It's not the first time Myles has scammed money. In 2004, she was convicted for stealing $40,000 off other people's credit cards and using the money on Bermuda cruise tickets.

Before her sentencing, Myles apologized to the court saying, "I'm sorry for any harm I caused." Judge Fernando Camacho said to her, "That's the first time you've ever said that. I wonder if you mean it." Myles responded, "I do your honor."

Myles' attorney says he plans to appeal.