HUNTINGTON - A woman says she was shocked and angered to discover that she took home the wrong wedding gown from the cleaners.

Susan Davis says she took her daughter's custom-made Jesus Piero gown to Evergreen Cleaners in Huntington this past October. She asked that her daughter's identity be withheld.

Davis picked up the dress four months later, but claims the dress she got back was the wrong one. "The one that I found was completely opposite of my daughter's," Davis said.

The lace dress, which was made in Barcelona, Spain has the initials "JAD" stitched into it.

Davis says she asked the store owner to hang the wrong dress in the window in case someone recognized it, but he refused. She believes that poor bookkeeping is what caused the mixup.

The dry cleaner says he is working diligently to find the dress. Anyone who picked up a wedding gown between October and February is asked to check their boxed gown to see if they have the wrong dress.