HEMPSTEAD - An alleged sex assault victim spoke to News 12 about an incident that landed an off-duty police officer behind bars.

Melania Medina recalled the night she claims 16-year veteran police officer Louis Arcila got into her car in front of a Hempstead restaurant and assaulted her in front of her 10-year-old daughter.

As News 12 has reported, Arcila was arrested Thursday and charged with sexual assault, endangering the welfare of child and official misconduct.

Medina claims Arcila approached her inside the restaurant, questioning why her child was wearing a diaper and T-shirt. Medina says she saw that Arcila was wearing a badge and answered his question. After exiting the restaurant, she says Arcila followed her and said he would give her a ticket. She says he then got into her car.

"He came after me, provoking me, and grabbed my right breast," Medina told News 12 through an interpreter.

Medina claims Arcila put a hand on her thigh. She says he didn't get out of the car until her nephew came out of the restaurant and saw what was occurring. She says he left his phone number on a piece of paper.

Arcila's attorney disputes the claims and says the alleged victim has changed her story.

"Our investigation has revealed and the District Attorney's Office has confirmed that the complaining witness in this case did, in fact, deny to the police that there was ever any contact or any display of shield," said William Petrillo.