HEMPSTEAD - A Hempstead woman who was freed from jail to undergo a heart transplant earlier this year is back behind bars today after another run-in with the law. As News 12 Long Island reported in January, a judge released Diane McCloud from a 15-month sentence for shoplifting at a Westbury Target store.The judge called it a case of compassion because the 48-year-old woman was suffering from end-stage heart failure.McCloud was brought back before a judge in April when prosecutors found out she was smoking while waiting for a heart transplant, but she was given a second chance.Today, McCloud appeared in court after police say she was caught July 16 stealing teeth-whitening strips, diet pills and lotion from a CVS store in Oceanside, thus violating the terms of her release. McCloud pleaded guilty to petit larceny and was returned to jail. She is due back in court Sept. 21, when she is expected to receive a six-month sentence.