DEER PARK - A 22-year-old woman who was arrested for fleeing police and resisting arrest has filed a lawsuit against Suffolk County police, claiming they used excessive force against her.

Nyeira Fulton says county police pulled her over on East First Street in Deer Park on Sept. 18 and forcefully pulled her from her car.

A video of the event was taken by a Deer Park resident.

"What we have on video is proof positive that the police acted excessively, with too much force, and that is why we have a civil rights violation," says her attorney Tom Liotti.

Fulton and Liotta announced their intention to file a lawsuit against the Suffolk Police Department and the three officers involved. Fulton claims her civil rights were violated and she was falsely arrested.

"Once he jumped out of the vehicle, he wasn't professional at all. He cursed at me and insulted me and had his hands on his waist and that was enough for me to fear for my life, and at that point I did not feel comfortable getting out of the car," she says.

Suffolk County police say Fulton was driving recklessly with a suspended registration. They say she refused to pull over and eventually crashed into a stop sign.

Fulton claims she didn't see the marked police car or its flashing lights behind her.