ROCKY POINT - A woman says she and her dog were attack by three pit bulls in Rocky Point Thursday night.

Elana Tsaregorodheva says the three dogs mauled her 3-year-old boxer at Hallock Landing Beach.

She says she was with her two young sons when the incident happened.

Park-goers are allowed to walk their dogs on the beach without a leash after the park closes. Tsaregorodheva says the three pit bulls were not on leashes.

"They had no leash, no owner anywhere in sight. They ran up to us, and all I could say was 'boys, stay back," and that's when they attacked my dog," says Tsaregorodheva.

Tsaregorodheva says her hand and foot were hurt in the attack. Her boxer suffered severe injuries to his chest. She says the veterinarian bill has cost her close to $2,000. The family says they want the owners of the pit bulls to pay for the medical expenses.

A neighbor who lives near the owners of the pit bulls says he was also recently attacked by the dogs.

Peter Berry says he did not report the alleged attacks, but says he will now in hopes of getting the dogs removed from the home.

"They are a scourge on the neighborhood. They've attacked myself and my dog several times," says Berry.

Officials with the Town of Brookhaven Animal Control say they are still investigating the incident.