EAST FARMINGDALE - A woman accused of posing as a new neighbor to steal from an East Farmingdale homeowner was a no-show in court Thursday, prompting the judge to issue an arrest warrant.

Police say Sheila Ely and her husband Al Tan distracted 83-year-old Angela Treamer and robbed her of her jewelry. The incident occurred in October at her home on East Carmans Road.

In October, Treamer told News 12 that a man and woman came to her home posing as her "new next-door neighbors." They offered to trim her trees, then distracted her while stealing her jewelry.

Ely, 37, was to be arraigned on felony burglary charges in Riverhead Criminal Court, but she did not show up.  

Tan, who is still in custody, faces the same charges in court Friday.

According to court records, Ely was determined not to be a flight risk and was granted bail on Nov. 28.

On Dec. 4, she was served a notice to appear at her arraignment.

If convicted, the duo faces 15 years in prison.