BOHEMIA - Tensions boiled over when a temporary Verizon worker struck two full-time employees on the picket line with his car, according to witnesses.

Police say the replacement worker, Curtis Duncan, 35, of West Babylon, was trying to leave when he struck Kevin Travers, who was demonstrating outside the Verizon offices on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bohemia Thursday morning. Cellphone video shows the car hitting the victim's leg.

Travers, a 29-year veteran technician for Verizon, was taken to the hospital. He says he will be fine.

Union members say Duncan also hit another picketer with his car, but there was no injury. The picketers admit they were "razzing" Duncan and other temps as they left, but only from the sidewalk.

When contacted about the incident, Verizon said union members have been ordered by the court not to harass temporary employees. They added in a statement to News 12 Long Island, "These dangerous activities are clearly putting our employees and others in harm's way."

The union says Verizon is not hiring quality temporary workers, and that Thursday's actions are the result of those hirings.

Police say Duncan, a temporary security guard, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. He was released on bond.