HUNTINGTON - A Huntington illustrator is having his holiday art work displayed on a stamp this season.

William Low, an illustrator for more than 30 years, made an impression on the U.S. Postal Service three years ago when the agency commissioned him to design a 'Forever' holiday stamp featuring a poinsettia, the traditional Christmas flower.

Low wanted his postage stamp illustration to be an original in every sense of the word. He purchased poinsettia cuttings and grew the flowers in his yard. When the plants were fully bloomed, he used them as the models for his stamp design.

The poinsettia illustration is a digital painting in which he used a digital monitor with a pressure-sensitive screen. Using a digital drawing tool, he was able to use a variety of strokes similar to those in Chinese calligraphy.

Low's poinsettia stamp is the first in a collection of five flower stamps that he is designing for the U.S. Postal Service.

“Nothing is forever, but hopefully these stamps will be,” Low told News 12.